Vancouver support for Palestine

Facebook Event

For over an hour on June 26th, the intersection of Broadway and Clark in Vancouver became a “little piece of Palestine”. At the peak of rush hour, committed activists with great signs and Palestinian flags took first to the 4 corners of the intersection and then formed a block-long human chain of #NoAnnexation messages. Most noteworthy was the reaction from both the passing cars and pedestrians in the area. The honks and waves from vehicles, be they buses, trucks or cars, was overwhelming and far exceeded previous levels of support in past years. Folks going by on foot stopped to talk and show solidarity. People in Vancouver, and all across Canada, are clearly on-board with Palestinian rights; the disconnect from the Canadian government and major political parties not only misrepresents the public sentiment, it is shameful!

Check out our FB page for more great photos of the flash picket.

Flash Picket in Vancouver: No Israeli Annexation, Free Palestine!