Edward Said: Special from Alternative Radio

Entitled Palestine: Memory, Inequality & Power, Alternative Radio has waived the fees for our supporters to download and listen to this show highlighting a 2003 lecture by Edward Said. This never-before-broadcast marks the 30th anniversary of Oslo and the 20th anniversary of Edward Said’s death on September 25, 2003.

As a Palestinian intellectual, Said brought his anti-colonial critique to bear on what he called “The Question of Palestine,” revealing Zionism as a colonial ideology and the Western liberal support of this as a part of its colonial heritage.… Read more

Photo Gallery Week of Action: Shame on ScotiaBank, #ShutElbitDown

Check out these highlights from the week of action to denounce Scotiabank for being the largest foreign investor in Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. Activists from Montreal to Vancouver to BC’s Fraser Valley were out on the streets to demand that Scotiabank stop investing in Israeli war crimes. We know Scotiabank is feeling the pressure; in Montreal, they called the police for the picket and in Vancouver (for the second time) the branch mysteriously closed early before the activists’ arrival.… Read more

Shame on Scotiabank, #ShutElbitDown Picket

Saturday, September 23, 2 pm
1750 Manitoba St., Vancouver (False Creek Branch)

Join us on September 23 to highlight the complicity of Scotiabank in funding the killing of Palestinians.
Scotiabank is the largest foreign investor in the Israeli arms company Elbit Systems; their asset fund has invested half a billion dollars in an arms company whose weapons are routinely used to rain death and destruction on Palestinians.… Read more

My Palestinian Mother-in-Law, and the Generation of Survivors

They succeeded in raising successive generations of Palestinians that remain attached to their land, to their culture, to their national identity. This is the real legacy of the Nakba survivors, the fact that their great-grandchildren are still fighting for, and dreaming of, a Free Palestine.

First published in Mondoweiss (by Marion Kawas)

My mother-in-law recently passed away at age 97 surrounded by her extended family.… Read more