We will never stop advocating for Palestine!!

Many Palestinians and their supporters are done with explanations. They have no words left. When a live-streamed genocide can be debated for over eight months as to whether it really qualifies as such, there are no words left. 

From Deir Yassin to Jenin, from Kafr Qasem to Sabra and Shatila, from Tel Zaatar to Rafah and Nusseirat, we know what a massacre looks like.… Read more

#Nakba76 Activist Kit: Raise The Flag

Special Offer:
Order one Palestinian flag and a scarf (or two flags) for $15, including shipping to anywhere in Canada. (Also included will be a bonus sticker, small flag or pin.)

Flag is 90 cm x 150 cm, and the scarf has the Palestinian flag/keffiyeh motif plus an image of Al-Aqsa mosque.
Send an e-transfer for $15 to [email protected] (along with your mailing address in a separate email) to ensure you have what you need to #Stand4Palestine everyday and on Nakba76!… Read more

My Palestinian Mother-in-Law, and the Generation of Survivors

They succeeded in raising successive generations of Palestinians that remain attached to their land, to their culture, to their national identity. This is the real legacy of the Nakba survivors, the fact that their great-grandchildren are still fighting for, and dreaming of, a Free Palestine.

First published in Mondoweiss (by Marion Kawas)

My mother-in-law recently passed away at age 97 surrounded by her extended family.… Read more

Resources on Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany

  1. 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis
    Paperback – Mar 16, 2010
    By Lenni Brenner
  2. Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany by Faris Yahya
    Original Printing: Palestine Research Center, Beirut, Lebanon, January 1978
    Second Printing: Palestine Distribution Center, Vancouver Canada, October 1980
  3. Zionism in the Age of Dictators
    Copyright 1983 by Lenni Brenner
  4. The Holocaust Victims Accuse
    Copyright 1977 by Reb Moshe Shonfeld
  5. Zionism During the Holocaust: The Weaponization of Memory in the Service of State and Nation
    By Tony Greenstein, October 2022
    Check the Electronic Intifada podcast interviewing the author on his book “How Zionists collaborated with the Nazis.
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Anti-Zionism: Cornerstone of Palestine Solidarity

(Photo of 1975 Vancouver protest against Moshe Dayan)

In 1976, the late Shafik al-Hout sat in the living room of a house in Vancouver, Canada with local supporters and passionately tried to mobilize them to be active for Palestine. Give the Palestinian people whatever you can, he said, “even if its just your smile”. Shafik was known for his eloquent speaking and this comment was part truth, part sarcasm and part tragedy.… Read more