Resources on Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany

  1. 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis
    Paperback – Mar 16, 2010
    By Lenni Brenner
  2. Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany by Faris Yahya
    Original Printing: Palestine Research Center, Beirut, Lebanon, January 1978
    Second Printing: Palestine Distribution Center, Vancouver Canada, October 1980
  3. Zionism in the Age of Dictators
    Copyright 1983 by Lenni Brenner
  4. The Holocaust Victims Accuse
    Copyright 1977 by Reb Moshe Shonfeld
  5. Zionism During the Holocaust: The Weaponization of Memory in the Service of State and Nation
    By Tony Greenstein, October 2022
    Check the Electronic Intifada podcast interviewing the author on his book “How Zionists collaborated with the Nazis.
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Celebrating the Art and Legacy of Betty Beeching

August 7, 2-5 pm, Trout Lake Community Centre

Betty Beeching, a long-time CPA member, passed away last summer. She and her late husband John were stalwarts of Palestinian activism for many decades, and their East Vancouver living room was the hub of meetings and receptions. If you are in East Vancouver on Aug. 7, please drop by and join us to celebrate Betty’s life and legacy, and see the original artwork done by both of them.… Read more

BC Govt: Pull Israeli Apartheid Wines

On June 28, Vancouver activists carried out another picket to promote the “Tell BC Govt to Pull Israeli Apartheid Wines” campaign. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed outside a BC liquor store and following that, the action moved to the office of MLA Melanie Mark. Several of her constituents were part of the picket and their concerns are being consistently sidelined by her office, despite her promise to meet with them.… Read more