My Moral Compass Lies Buried Under the Rubble in Gaza

For years, I have struggled to understand the misguided liberal Zionists who refuse to acknowledge the full and equal humanity of Palestinians. But this latest genocide in Gaza has finished me…I no longer have any energy or motivation to spend on what now seems to have been, in most cases, a futile effort. 

Especially those in western countries, who pontificate from their positions of elite privilege, about supporting Palestinian rights, but only when Palestinians can be viewed as victims or helpless people deserving of “our charity”. … Read more

Vancouver Events 4 Palestine, Defense Fund

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Rally/Vigil October 19th, Vancouver City Hall: We Stand with Palestine

Join us on Thursday October 19th at 6 pm to show that Vancouverites stand with Palestine and to mourn with Gaza as they bury the most recent victims of this ongoing genocide. Just today, Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza City, massacring hundreds (estimate so far is 800), including refugees taking shelter there.

Mayor Ken Sim has been vocal about his support for Israel since October 7th (and before) and also been smearing Palestinian supporters as “terrorists”.… Read more

Photo Gallery Oct. 13: All Out 4 Palestine!

Despite all the intimidation from politicians, the mayor, the police and the media, Vancouver showed up for Palestine tonight! Over one thousand people came out on short notice to demand freedom and justice for Palestinians, as yet another genocide is happening in real time in Gaza.

The rally included indigenous supporters and a broad cross-section of Vancouverites that rejected the dominant narrative trying to demonize all pro-Palestine support.… Read more

Vancouver Stands with Palestine

On October 9, over 500 people came out in the Vancouver rain to show their support with the Palestinian people and to highlight they will not be intimidated by the biased disinformation coming from Western politicians and the media. Multiple speakers at the rally, which was followed by a march thru the downtown, emphasized that the Palestinians have been struggling against a vicious settler colonial project for 75 years and that this is the root of the ongoing violence.… Read more