Mar 15: No Business as Usual for Scotiabank

On March 15, activists in Canada came out in a coordinated campaign to demand that Scotiabank and its global asset fund divest completely from Elbit Systems. At 28+ different branch locations, from Toronto and Peterborough to Courtney and Nanaimo, from St. Catharines and Regina to multiple locations around the lower mainland of BC, there were protests and pickets to say Shut Down Genocide Profiteering.… Read more

Join us on March 15 to Shut Down Genocide Profiteering at Scotiabank Branches

All out on March 15 for complete divestment! No Genocide Profiteering! Shame on Scotiabank!
We are proud to be part of the global campaign to #ShutElbitDown and hold Israel’s arms industry and its investors accountable for their complicity in war crimes. MARCH 15: SHUT DOWN GENOCIDE PROFITEERING! Shut Down Scotiabank

Let’s keep up the pressure, our grassroots campaign is working. ScotiaBank reduced its Elbit Systems investment in the last quarter, but still stands as the largest foreign investor in this Israeli arms company, profiting off the killing and maiming of Palestinians.… Read more

The End of Settler Colonialism

The connections between indigenous people in Turtle Island and the indigenous people of Palestine run deep. Here on unceded territory in “Vancouver”, the unflinching solidarity from indigenous brothers and sisters has been essential in maintaining support for the five-month (and counting) battle against Israeli genocide and settler colonialism.  

In January of this year, a Liberation Conference was held that focused on and strengthened these bonds.… Read more

18+ ScotiaBank Branches Adopted so far for March 15 Day of Action to End Genocide Profiteering!

On March 15, activists will hold Scotiabank to account for its $500 million investment in Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. Scotiabank’s asset fund is the largest foreign investor in Elbit, and is thus directly complicit in profiting off Palestinian death and suffering. Already, over 18 branches have been “adopted” to picket/ leaflet / shut it down in neighbourhoods from BC to Ontario (and hopefully beyond).… Read more

Endorsers for March 15: End Genocide Profiteering, Shame on Scotiabank

On Friday, March 15, “adopt” a Scotiabank branch and picket/ leaflet / shut it down! 

Endorsing Groups: 
BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish 
Canada Palestine Association 
Anakbayan BC 
BAYAN Canada 
Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights 
Canadian BDS Coalition
Decolonial Solidarity Vancouver
Free Palestine BC
Freedom from War Coalition, Cowichan

Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle 
Gabriela BC 
Global Peace Alliance BC
ILPS Canada 
Independent Jewish Voices – Vancouver 
Jews Say No to Genocide
Just Peace Advocates
Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI) 
North Shore for Palestine
Ontario Palestinian Rights Association (OPRA)
Palestine Solidarity Regina
Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU)
Project of Heart

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Students for Palestine Committee on Vancouver Island
Sulong UBC
Teachers for Palestine 
Toronto World Beyond War
United in Struggle
Vancouver Palestine Action Coalition

Vancouver Region CPC 
Youth for Palestine Vancouver

One hundred and fifty days into Israel’s latest genocidal massacre in Gaza, Canada’s political establishment remains wholly committed to providing diplomatic, military and economic support to Israel, even while the majority of people in this country support a ceasefire. … Read more