18+ ScotiaBank Branches Adopted so far for March 15 Day of Action to End Genocide Profiteering!

On March 15, activists will hold Scotiabank to account for its $500 million investment in Israeli arms company Elbit Systems. Scotiabank’s asset fund is the largest foreign investor in Elbit, and is thus directly complicit in profiting off Palestinian death and suffering. Already, over 18 branches have been “adopted” to picket/ leaflet / shut it down in neighbourhoods from BC to Ontario (and hopefully beyond). Details on the specific locations and times will be posted in the coming days. #ShutElbitDown #ShameOnScotiabank.

Lower Mainland (BC):
Commercial Drive
West End
East Van
West Side
North Van
Guildford, Surrey

Around BC:
Powell River

Across the Country:
St. Catherines

There is still time to join the March 15 day of action to say Shame on Scotiabank, Shut Down Genocide Profiteering! Here’s how:

  1. Make an organisational endorsement by emailing [email protected]
  2. Have a representative of your group sign up to the signal group “Adopt an S-B” for planning, updates & coordination: https://signal.group/#CjQKIBZ0E9XAUJjIXzy-xan34amlPtX8W96TUVVZxYkLZ3fVEhDyjklJTgWTxFIABmDXyjBA
  3. Ask group members, family and friends to close their Scotiabank account on, or leading up to March 15 and tell the branch manager the reason
  4. Choose one or more branches that your organisation will picket/ leaflet/ shut down on Friday March 15 and let us know via the Signal Group

Background Info: MARCH 15: SHUT DOWN GENOCIDE PROFITEERING! Shut Down Scotiabank