UPDATE: Check out the endorsers list for March 15 Day of Action.
On Friday, March 15, “adopt” a Scotiabank branch and picket/ leaflet / shut it down!
18+ ScotiaBank Branches Adopted so far for March 15 Day of Action to End Genocide Profiteering!

Over one hundred and forty days into Israel’s latest genocidal massacre in Gaza, Canada’s political establishment remains wholly committed to providing diplomatic, military and economic support to Israel, even while the majority of people in this country support a ceasefire.  Across this country, in communities large and small, hundreds of thousands have marched for Palestine, one of the largest political mobilizations in recent memory. 

Why is the gap between the sentiments of the mass of people and that of the political establishment so wide?  Because the Canadian ruling class is totally invested in Israel.  They rely on Israel to act as an armed outpost of the Anglo-American imperialist alliance, of which they are a part. They do $2 billion+ in annual trade with Israel via the Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement. And the big Canadian banks, the cornerstone of Canadian imperialism, have billions invested in Israel, and particularly in its military and ‘security’ industries. Scotiabank with its $500 million investment in Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems is Exhibit A of Canadian capital’s genocide profiteering. 

As a Palestine solidarity movement, we need to start to address these concrete financial links, and raise the cost of the Canadian ruling class, and its political functionaries, support for Israeli colonization, occupation, war crimes and genocide. 

Join the March 15 day of action to shut down Scotiabank! Shame on Scotiabank!

  1. Make an organisational endorsement by emailing [email protected]
  2. Have a representative of your group sign up to the signal group “Adopt an S-B” for planning, updates & coordination:
  3. Ask group members, family and friends to close their Scotiabank account on, or leading up to March 15 and tell the branch manager the reason
  4. Choose one or more branches that your organisation will picket/ leaflet/ shut down on Friday March 15 and let us know via the Signal Group

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