Open Letter to Sarah Efron Regarding the “Peace It Together” Camp

The following letter was sent to Sarah Efron, a freelance journalist, regarding reporting about the “Peace It Together” camp held this summer in Vancouver. The camp brought Israeli and Palestinian teenagers to Vancouver from the Middle East and received alot of attention in the local media as a step towards reconciliation in the region. It was also well received by local Zionists.Read more

Letter to the Editor, The Vancouver Sun

By Gary Keenan

Letters editor, The Vancouver Sun
Dear editor:

Re: Guest Editorial, “In the global war, Islam isn’t the enemy; Islamism is,” Sept. 3.

The Ottawa Citizen guest editorial’s contention that al-Qaida hates the U.S. “because of what it is – namely, a capitalist democracy that embraces religious freedom, women’s rights and MTV” rather than “because of its foreign policy” was rejected by the U.S.… Read more