Easter Appeal to Ms. Cheri DiNovo, Ontario MPP and United Church Minister

By Hanna Kawas.

Let Palestinian Christians Worship this Easter with No Apartheid Passes

I have followed with dismay the role you played, perhaps unwittingly, in the destructive Ontario Legislature motion on Feb. 25, 2010 regarding Israeli Apartheid Week. You were quoted in The Star as saying that the word apartheid is “inflammatory” and ”used inappropriately in the case of Israel”, and that “Apartheid does not help the discussion”.… Read more

Open Reply to Mr. Shurman, Ontario MPP, Regarding “O Canada or O Israel?”

By Hanna Kawas. The following letter was sent to Ontario MPP Peter Shurman (Thornhill), in response to his reply to O Canada or O Israel?

Open Reply to Mr. Shurman, Ontario MPP

I appreciate your courtesy in answering my letter “Is It O Canada or O Israel?”, but I am baffled by your response and your logic. If you are truly concerned for your constituents, you will not hide the truth from them.… Read more