Open Letter to Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell

By Hanna Kawas

Larry Campbell
Mayor of Vancouver

Dear Mr. Mayor:

We received your invitation to participate in the nomination process for the 2003 Cultural Harmony awards; we regret that we will not be able to participate due to our opposition to one of the signatories on the invitation, Mr. Erwin Nest, Chair of Special Advisory Committee on Cultural Communities.

Mr.… Read more

“Arafat’s fate should rest in Palestinian hands”, editorial in the Vancouver Sun

By Gary Keenan,¬†published in the Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, September 23, 2003 in reply to “Forget about peace until Arafat and Sharon are out of the way, Norman Spector, September 19th, 2003.”

Arafat’s fate should rest in Palestinian hands

Columnist Norman Spector neglected to mention the extremely important fact that Yasser Arafat is the democratically elected leader of Palestinians in the occupied territories.… Read more

“The Sharon government is a giant laboratory”, letter to the Editor of the Calgary Sun

By Gary Keenan, in reply to the Calgary Sun article “Realities of Israeli oppression rarely aired in North America”

Kudos to Bill Kaufmann for his insightful commentary on Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian lands. (“Realities of Israeli oppression rarely aired in North America,” Sept. 1.) Kaufmann’s reference to the fact those who criticize Israel’s policies are frequently and unjustly accused of being anti- Semitic by Israel’s supporters brings to mind the wise words of Uri Avnery, renowned Jewish Israeli journalist and former member of the Knesset:

“The Sharon government is a giant laboratory for the growing of the anti-Semitism virus.… Read more