“Why ‘pick on the Arabs’?”, an Open Letter to B. C. Provincial Leader Carole James

By Hanna Kawas

Almost a month has passed since the BC provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Carole James labelled anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism; by so doing, she accused the anti-war movement, the Palestinian support movement and all those human rights organizations that oppose the political ideology of Zionism of being “racist”.

We were hoping that some sane NDP leaders, MP’s, MLA’s or candidates would pressure Carole James into reversing her outrageous conclusions, after all the public criticism and outrage that followed her ill-advised libelling of people who oppose Zionism (1).… Read more

Don’t Ask Palestinians If They Recognize Israel

By Hanna Kawas

An Open Letter to Canadian Immigrant Magazine

Thank you for writing the article “Airwaves of hope” (The updated title and link is: Veteran radio journalist Hanna Kawas hosts show about his homeland Palestine) that featured my volunteer work on Voice of Palestine.

Your reporting was generally positive and accurate except where you state: “But Kawas, who says he acknowledges the right of Israel to exist as a state, …”.… Read more