Stop the smear campaigns against Palestinian Advocacy!

New Article in Mondoweiss: Fearmongering and intimidation by Canada’s pro-Israel lobby – Mondoweiss

(79 Canadian and international organizations have endorsed this statement, as well as numerous individuals including Roger Waters. Join with them and send your own letter to Canadian officials here.)

Today, we are witnessing an intensified campaign by the pro-Israel lobby in Canada to smear Palestinian activists and their supporters. Last week, the National Post (NP) ran an online article about Palestinian-Canadian writer Khaled Barakat and the advocacy organization Samidoun. On April 30, the same article was splashed across their front page of their paper and has since been referenced in the Canadian Senate and the Jerusalem Post.

A year ago, Canada Palestine Association and 35 other concerned organizations issued a statement detailing their rejection of attempts to criminalize Samidoun, a Palestinian advocacy group for prisoners, by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA). At that time, we said:  Should Canada’s policies on these important issues be decided by what the Israeli government dictates?

We repeat the question now. All of this recent hysteria can be traced back to the one article written by Terry Glavin. However, Mr. Glavin admitted in his own blog on April 29 that B’nai Brith first approached him with their “files” on the subject. He also thanked CIJA in the same blog entry for their assistance.

There seems to be nothing new in the recent defamation campaign, which relies heavily on already known social media posts and Israeli official and intelligence sources (which are mentioned at least 13 times in the NP article). So what pushed the Zionist lobby groups to resurrect this campaign at this specific time? Is it an attempt to deflect attention from the student union resolutions in support of Palestine at major Canadian universities? Or an effort to distract from the growing number of organizations that have expressly condemned Israeli practices as apartheid?

The French government recently tried to ban a Palestinian support group, “Collectif Palestine Vaincra”, but have already been forced by their own courts to suspend that decision.

We tell the Canadian government that the old smear tactics of “trial by fire” are not acceptable. As our statement last year concluded: “This criminalization of Palestinian advocacy is unacceptable and unfounded; Palestinian-Canadians and their supporters have no intention of allowing biased officials to suppress their democratic rights and their voices.”

Canada Palestine Association-Vancouver
BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish

Endorsed by:
Academics for Palestine – Concordia
Actions4Palestine A4P, Toronto
Anti Imperialist Alliance, Ottawa
Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians (APAC), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Bayan Canada
Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, Victoria BC
Canada Palestine Support Network (CanPalNet)
Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Canadian BDS Coalition
Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid-Victoria
Communist Party Canada
East Indian Defense Committee (EIDC)
Edmonton Small Press Association
Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle – Coast Salish Territories
Free Palestine Halifax
Free Palestine YEG, Edmonton
Global Peace Alliance BC
GTA Palestine Movement
GT4BDS (Greater Toronto 4 BDS)
Hamilton Coalition to Stop The War
HR4A Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Independent Jewish Voices Vancouver
In Our Right Minds, Toronto
International League of Peoples’ Struggle Canada
Just Peace Advocates
Just Peace Committee-BC
Justice For All Canada, Toronto
Justice for Palestinians, Calgary
Labour for Palestine – Canada
Niagara Movement for Justice in Palestine-Israel (NMJPI)
Oakville Palestinian Rights Association (OPRA), Oakville, Ontario
OPIRG Carleton
Palestinian and Jewish Unity PAJU
Palestinian Student Society Association (PSSA), Guelph
Palestinian Youth Movement PYM
Palestine Solidarity Network – Edmonton
Peace Alliance Winnipeg
Secours Rouge Montréal, Montréal, QC
Simon Fraser University Students for Justice in Palestine, BC
Socialist Action
Socialist Project, Toronto
Students Against Israeli Apartheid U of T
Sulong UBC
Toronto Raging Grannies
Vancouver Peace Council
Venezuela Peace and Solidarity Committee, BC

Alkarama (Palestinian Womens Movement), Spain
Al Naqab Center for Youth (مركز النقب للأنشطة الشبابية), Burj el Barjneh camp, Lebanon
Arab Palestinian Cultural Club (APCC) Tripoli-Lebanon 
Communist Youth of Sweden, SKU, Sweden
Friends of Sabeel North America
Free Speech on Israel, UK
Indonesian Palestine Alliance IDPAL, Indonesia
Jericho Boston , Boston
Jewish Network for Palestine (UK)
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return, USA
Labor for Palestine, US
Nevadans for Palestinian Human rights, Las Vegas
NYU Law Students for Justice in Palestine, NYC
Palestinian Cultural Club – Beirut (PCC), Lebanon-Beirut
Palestine Solidarity Alliance, South Africa
Palestine Solidarity Campaign – Cape Town
Palestinian Union in Latin America
Party for Socialism and Liberation, United States
Peace, Justice, Sustainability NOW, Florida
Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, Lebanon
(لبنان – المؤتمر الشعبي لفلسطينني الخارج)
Revolutionaire Eenheid, The Netherlands
Shurok, Spain
Students for Justice in Palestine at Butler University
Students for Justice in Palestine, Chicago
Students for justice in Palestine – Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ
Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Davis, California
Students for Justice in Palestine, Wayne NJ
Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights – University of Washington
Veterans for Peace, CA, USA

Individual Endorsers:

  1. Ali Mallah, Justice Activist, Toronto
  2. Allan Hansen, Industrial Pipefitter, Edmonton, Alberta
  3. Andrew Brook, Retired academic, Ottawa
  4. Angie Mindel, Retired, Nottingham U.K.
  5. Anna Willats, College Faculty and Coordinator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  6. Barry Heselwood, Academic, Keighley, UK
  7. Beyaz Almas, Worker, BC
  8. Bill Skidmore, Retired professor, Ottawa, ON
  9. Cathy Cronin, Regular Canadian, Napanee  Ontario
  10. Cathy Gulkin, Documentary filmmaker, Toronto, Canada
  11. Christine McMillan, Retired teacher and tax officer, England UK
  12. Ciara Taylor, NYU law student, New York
  13. Claude Brasseur, Activist, St-Albert, ON
  14. Daphne Stapleton, Peace Activist, Toronto, Canada
  15. Dave Diewert, Retired teacher, Surrey, BC
  16. David Fairn, Journalist, N.S.
  17. David Low, Clergy, St. Catharines, Ontario
  18. Davidi Hadley Finke, Quaker leader, Peace Advocate, Oberlin, Ohio — Land of the Erie
  19. Dorothy Field, artist/writer, Victoria BC
  20. Dr. David Maxwell, Physician, Nova Scotia
  21. Dr. Dwyer Sullivan, Retired high school teacher of Social Justice and World Religions. Kitchener, Ontario
  22. Dr. Jodi Braine, Concerned global citizen, Fredericton, NB
  23. Elie Halabi, Administrator, Repentigny
  24. Ellen Franzen, retired, Berkeley, CA
  25. Emad Hammoud, Self-Employed , London
  26. Enver Domingo, Retired, Oakville Canada
  27. Fahad Chowdhury, Professional Engineer, Elkford
  28. Faris Ziyad, Academic, Chicago
  29. Frances Combs, clergy, Toronto
  30. Frank Holden, Actor/folksinger/writer/human rights activist, St. John’s
  31. Genie Silver, Academic, Pennsylvania, US
  32. Giorgio Ramadhan, Lawyer, Indonesia
  33. Gord Doctorow, Ed.D, Retired educator. Toronto, Canada
  34. Greg Albo, academic and author, Toronto
  35. Haim Bresheeth-Zabner, Academic, author and filmmaker London, UK
  36. Henry Zaccak, CEO, Toronto
  37. Himani Bannerji, Professor, Toronto
  38. Issam Alyamani, Writer, Mississauga, Canada
  39. Jake Javanshir, Activist, Toronto
  40. Jalal Kawash, Academic, Calgary
  41. James Dickins, Academic, Leeds, United Kingdom
  42. Jan Corderman, Peace Activist, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
  43. Jan Steven, mother, grandmother, wife St. Catharines
  44. Jane Collier, Academic, United Kingdom
  45. Jane Story, former journalist, Toronto
  46. Jeff Winkelaar, Retired, Edmonton
  47. Jennifer Whitfield, Activist, Newfoundland, Canada
  48. Jim Mitchell, m.d., Toronto
  49. John Darling, Retired NDP activist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  50. John Grant, Retired, UK
  51. John Liss, lawyer, Toronto
  52. John Mark Robertson, Social Service Worker, Belleville, Ontario
  53. Jonathan Kuttab, Executive Director, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)
  54. Judith Goldschmidt, Jewish Human Rights Activist, Courtenay, BC
  55. Karen Platt, Jew with a conscience, Albany CA
  56. Karen Rodman, Ordained clergy, human rights advocate, Kawartha Lakes
  57. Kate Chung, Grandmother, Toronto
  58. Katerina Nikas, Writer, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  59. Kathleen Von Riesen, Reg, Nurse, Newfoundland & Labrador
  60. Kevin Gould, Associate Professor, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  61. Khaled Husseini, Business Owner, Ottawa
  62. Khaled Mouammar, Former Member, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Richmond HIll, Ontario
  63. Khan Jooneed, Journalist, Writer, Human Rights Activist, Montreal, CANADA
  64. Laila Atallah, Lawyer,United States
  65. Laura June Rose, Food industry worker, Vancouver
  66. Lawrence Sutherland, Activist, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  67. Lesley McGorrigan, University worker, UK
  68. Lorraine Michael, Retired Politician, Newfoundland and Labrador
  69. Louise Seidel, Artistic Producer of Theatre, Saskatchewan,
  70. Lynette Bondarchuk, Artist; NPO Administrator; Tenants Advocate, Edmonton
  71. Manhal Alfalasteny, Artist, singer, Tunisia
  72. María Alejandra Torres, Law student, NYC
  73. Mariam Furre, Geographer, Ottawa
  74. Mark Hagar, Retiree, Hamilton
  75. Mark James, Academic, Ontario
  76. Marlena Santoyo, Jewish activist, Philadelphia, USA
  77. Martin Fontaine, agent de pastorale, Montréal
  78. Michael Hajjar, Student, Chicago
  79. Michael Kuttner, Teacher (retired), Toronto
  80. Michal Sapir, Writer and musician, Tel Aviv
  81. Mike Cushman from Free Speech on Israel (UK)
  82. Monica Harhay, Concerned citizen, Toronto, Ontario
  83. Nancy Withington, academic; wife of Palestinian refugee, Santa Barbara, Ca.
  84. Nora Lester Murad, writer, educator, social justice activist, Massachusetts, USA
  85. Norma Rantisi, Academic, Montreal
  86. Pete Firmin, Activist, London
  87. Peter Eglin, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Kitchener
  88. Peter Purich, Technical Writer (retired), Ottawa
  89. Phyllis Creighton, author; retired editor, scholarly publication, Toronto
  90. Rachel Marandett, NYU Law Student, NYC
  91. Rashmi Luther, Academic (Retired), School of Social Work, Carleton University
  92. Rebecca Hagey, Retired professor, Lion’s Head Ontario
  93. Rehab Nazzal, Visual artist, Toronto
  94. Rev. F. Mark Mealing, Ph.D., Anglican Priest & retired Academic, Meadow Creek, B.C.
  95. Rev. Lilian Patey, Clergy, Windsor, Ontario
  96. Richard Kuper, Researcher and campaigner, London, GB
  97. Richard Thoreau, Retired, Victoria
  98. Robert Assaly, Priest, Montreal
  99. Robert Fantina, Author and activist, Kitchener, Ontario
  100. Robert Kent, Emeritus Professor, Computer Science, Elkford, B.C.
  101. Roger Waters, Musician /Activist, NY
  102. Roswitha Shaw, retired, Ottawa
  103. Salim Assi, Artist, Art of resistance, Copenhagen Denmark
  104. Samuel Miriello, Human Resources Professional, Montreal
  105. Sara Traub, educator, Thornbury
  106. Sean Phipps, Teacher, Vancouver
  107. Sheila Dunnachie, Retired union activist, Mayne Island
  108. Sherry Ann Chapman, Engaged citizen, Edmonton
  109. Sid Shniad, Founding member, Independent Jewish Voices Canada, Surrey, B.C.
  110. Simaan Khoury, President, Palestinian Union of Latin America, El Salvador
  111. Sue Lyon, Advocate, Kingston
  112. Susan Stout, union activist, North Vancouver
  113. Teresa Diewert, Teacher, Surrey, British Columbia
  114. Terri Ginsberg, film scholar, Montreal, Quebec
  115. Terry Gallogly, Retired, York
  116. Thomas Brown, Academic (mathematician), Vancouver BC
  117. Tony Greenstein, Writer and blogger, Brighton UK
  118. Vera Szoke, Retired Highschool Teacher, Toronto, Canada
  119. W. T. Beckett, Human Rights Activist, St. John’s, NL
  120. Walid Alawar, Businessman and social activist, Ontario
  121. Walid Eletry, supporter, Ajax,Ontario
  122. William Ruhm, Social worker, Boston, MA
  123. Wolfe Erlichman, Member, Independent Jewish Voices, Godfrey, ON