We Refuse to be Intimidated, We will Continue to Defend Palestine

by Canada Palestine Association

Anti-Palestinian repression in Canada has intensified in recent months, and we face the specter of not just politicians, but also municipal police forces, publicly flaunting their racism.  Most major cities have recorded ramped up police harassment of pro-Palestine events, from Vancouver to Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto and beyond. 

This repression is being challenged by activists who have pledged to continue their struggle against Israel’s genocide.… Read more

Dec. 30/Banner Drop for Palestine

Photos Michael YC Tseng

VANCOUVER – Saturday, Dec. 30, 2 pm, Main and Prior Sts.
Join us for a BANNER DROP FOR PALESTINE on Saturday, Dec. 30 at 2 pm. As we mark the end of the year, we cannot celebrate the new year so long as the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza continues. We are committed to bring in the new year as a year of justice and liberation for Palestine.… Read more

Dec. 16 Action in Burnaby, led by Health Workers

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Vancouver Events 4 Palestine, Defense Fund

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Vancouver Stands with Palestine

On October 9, over 500 people came out in the Vancouver rain to show their support with the Palestinian people and to highlight they will not be intimidated by the biased disinformation coming from Western politicians and the media. Multiple speakers at the rally, which was followed by a march thru the downtown, emphasized that the Palestinians have been struggling against a vicious settler colonial project for 75 years and that this is the root of the ongoing violence.… Read more

Edward Said: Special from Alternative Radio

Entitled Palestine: Memory, Inequality & Power, Alternative Radio has waived the fees for our supporters to download and listen to this show highlighting a 2003 lecture by Edward Said. This never-before-broadcast marks the 30th anniversary of Oslo and the 20th anniversary of Edward Said’s death on September 25, 2003.

As a Palestinian intellectual, Said brought his anti-colonial critique to bear on what he called “The Question of Palestine,” revealing Zionism as a colonial ideology and the Western liberal support of this as a part of its colonial heritage.… Read more