Block the Boat Vancouver

URGENT UPDATE: New information shows that the Zim-operated ship was delayed and will now dock at the Vancouver harbour port on Tuesday, June 8. So grab your mask and keffiyeh and gather June 8 at 3 pm at Woodland Park.
** We strongly urge everyone to get all updates and news by texting your name to 1-833-590-1987 **

(#BlockTheBoat Vancouver Action, June 8)
(Marching to the Vancouver Port, June 8)
#BlockTheBoat March in Vancouver
#BlockTheBoat – Speech by Hanna Kawas

And bravo to Oakland that on Friday held a successful #BlockTheBoat action, forcing the Zim-operated ship to finally leave the harbour without unloading. Our campaigns and organizing are working: Israeli Apartheid not welcome in Vancouver Port! FB Event Page

(Oakland community picket to Block The Boat June 4)

For the past 10 days, the threat of the #BlockTheBoat protest organized in the Bay Area has kept a cargo ship operated by ZIM – apartheid Israel’s largest and oldest shipping company – from docking at the Port of Oakland. We are winning! Our people power is working, and sending a clear message that Israel’s ongoing settler-colonialism, occupation, and violence against the Palestinian people will come with a heavy price. Every hour that ZIM cargo ships remain undocked and unloaded is a huge victory, as it means that the apartheid state of Israel is losing enormous amounts of money. Here in Vancouver, we are responding to an international call to action to BLOCK THE BOAT here at the Port of Vancouver as well! Learn more about #BlockTheBoat at

Let’s send a clear message: Israeli apartheid is not welcome at Vancouver’s ports! ** Because shipping times and docks can always change, it’s important to be organized and ready to block the boat! Text your name to +1-833-590-1987 to make sure you stay in the loop! **