Vancouver picket/flash action: Freedom for Walid Daqqah and Scotiabank #ShutElbitDown

Great actions on June 3 in Vancouver. Activists from local solidarity groups gathered at CBC to call for freedom for Walid Daqqah and all Palestinian prisoners. Then, they held a march and flash action at Scotiabank headquarters, to help launch the national campaign to demand that Scotiabank divest from the Israeli arms maker Elbit Systems.
(Photos courtesy of Michael YC Tseng)
Detailed report from Samidoun on the picket/flash action.

Info picket at CBC calling for Freedom for Walid Daqqah and all Palestinian political prisoners.

And then marching to the flash action at Scotiabank headquarters to call out their complicity in funding Elbit systems. #StopScotiabank

Media coverage of the action:

Coverage on AlMayadeen English news site.ناشطون-يتظاهرون-أمام-بنك-كندي-احتجاجا

Canada’s Scotiabank is funding Israeli war crimes – Mondoweiss