Boycott Israeli Wine, Stand up for Palestine!!

New Video from Feb. 29th Action, FB Event Page

BDS activists were out leafleting on February 29, 2020 in Vancouver, to say Boycott Israeli Wines, and to tell consumers that both the Canadian and BC governments are complicit in Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. They are asking people to contact the BC Attorney General, David Eby (see below) to demand that BC Liquor Stores stop violating international law.

BC’s Liquor Distribution Branch continues its complicity with the violation of Palestinian human rights. Despite calls from multiple local organizations for a boycott of Israeli wines, many produced in occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories in the West Bank and the Golan Heights, they continue to be sold in our publicly owned BC Liquor Stores.

Our appeals to BC Attorney General David Eby, responsible for the provincial Liquor Distribution Branch, have seen no action and little response. We urge you to join us in calling on Mr. Eby and the Liquor Distribution Branch to take a stand in respect of international law and Palestinian human rights, and halt this complicity in Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Human rights violations are not a valid “consumer choice” – but they are the choice being made every day by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. These are our publicly funded stores and should reflect a commitment to human rights, including justice for the Palestinian people. It’s time to make a change and respect international law rather than violating it!

What you can do:

CALL: David Eby, BC Attorney General: (604) 660-1297

EMAIL:  [email protected]

Tell him: It’s time for BC Liquor Stores to stop violating international law. Pull “Made in Israel” settlement wines off the shelf!