Rally in Solidarity with Palestine!!

Friday, Oct. 23, 1 pm
Vancouver Central Public Library, 350 W. Georgia St. (Robson St. side)

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Friday, Oct. 23, 1 pm
Vancouver Central Public Library, 350 W. Georgia St.

Join us on Friday for a rally outside the Vancouver Public Library (Robson St. side) to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially the youth that are challenging the current status quo. They are saying: Enough of Occupation, Enough of Collaboration, Enough of Apartheid. There have been massive rallies and protests around the world and in cities in Canada – lets show Vancouver is part of the global wave of actions in support of the Palestinian struggle.
“The ongoing, youth-led Palestinian uprising is a response to Israel’s intensifying ethnic cleansing and oppression of Palestinians, especially in occupied Jerusalem. In recent months, Israel has sped up its theft of Palestinian land and demolition of Palestinians homes, stepped up its racist attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, tightened the siege on Gaza and implemented new racist measures against Palestinian citizens of Israel.”
“Join an international Wave of Action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. Stand with the Palestinian struggle…..take action, and develop Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions efforts.” (Statement from BDS Movement, Palestine)

Organized by Canada Palestine Association-Vancouver and BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish Territories. Endorsed by Alliance for People’s Health, International League of Peoples Struggle, Samidoun
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Free Palestine!! Boycott Israel!! The Struggle Continues!!

Report on the Rally

Oct. 23, Vancouver, Canada
A lunchtime rally in downtown Vancouver with Palestinian flags fluttering in the wind and spirited chants attracted a diverse crowd. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to passersby highlighting the brutal and excessive force being used by the Israeli military and settlers. Solidarity messages were given by Independent Jewish Voices-Vancouver, Frente Hugo Chavez, Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights and Vancouver Solidarity for Ayotzinapa (Mexico).

For a short clip of the chants and intro to the speakers, see:

For a more detailed report on the speeches at the rally, see Barabari TV report:

For an excerpt of an interview before the rally with Hanna Kawas and for more pictures and videos, check out the Facebook event page.
Thanks to all the supporters who came out and to all the people that contributed in documenting and recording the event.
Viva viva, Palestina! Free Palestine!
BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish Territories and Canada Palestine Association-Vancouver.