Protest against the JNF Negev Gala Dinner, Vancouver

No Canadian “Charity” for the Israeli Military!!
Sunday, June 9, Vancouver
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No Canadian “Charity” for the Israeli Military!!
On June 9, the Jewish National Fund JNF Pacific Region is holding its Negev Gala Dinner. Palestinian supporters in Vancouver will be picketing the event to protest not only the JNF’s well-documented racist policies but also this year’s honourees, the “Israel Defense Forces”. It seems the JNF has given up on their attempts at greenwashing their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and are now openly embracing Israeli military aggression. Lets mark the 65th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba by protesting the JNF and the Canadian government’s refusal to even question the JNF’s charitable status, as revealed in recently released documents.
Come out and add your voice to the protest against the racist JNF and its guest,
proclaimed “war hero” (war criminal) Brig. General Avigdor Kahalani

Stop the JNF!
Sunday, June 9, 4-6 pm
Gather across the street from Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, 3476 Oak St. (at 19th), Vancouver
The program for the picket will be as follows:-
First hour – 4:30 pm: Indigenous Peoples “Gala” with Bannook and Arabic snacks including Mana’eesh made with Palestinian olive oil and zaatar, along with solidarity messages (contrary to the $250 and up ticket for the JNF gala, the only ticket needed for our gala is to support Justice for Palestine)
Second hour – Full Picket, Bring drums and noisemakers

Organized by: Canada Palestine Association

Endorsed by: Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign, Gaza’s Ark, Independent Jewish Voices-Vancouver, Samidoun Prisoner Solidarity Network, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights-UBC
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The JNF is holding 2013 Negev Gala Dinners across Canada from June 2-Dec. 1st, where Canadian PM Harper will the honouree.

Article by Charlotte Kates in the Vancouver Media Coop on the successful protest against the JNF in Vancouver: Protest greets JNF fundraiser for Israeli apartheid in Vancouver
The article was also published by Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding
Videos of solidarity messages during the June 9 protest against the JNF in Vancouver, from Cynthia Taha, Khaled Barakat, Hanna Kawas, Martha Roth and Nino Pagliccia.
Charlotte Kates’ photos of the protest on Facebook.
John Soos’ pictures of Vancouver Police chatting with an Israeli soldier as they “guard” the JNF dinner Photo 1, Photo2

Video clips from the Protest (Thanks to Jase Tanner)