Zionists Admit Control of “Hotels, Meeting Facilities and Funding” at Durban II

Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Zionist “UN Watch”, admits and brags about his organization’s role in denying “hotels, meeting facilities and funding” to NGO’s who tried to go to the Durban II conference.

The local Zionist paper “Jewish Independent” reported in its Nov. 20, 2009 edition that:

“Durban II was not the fiasco of Durban I,” he said. “Contrary to the efforts and designs and the wishes of [Iran’s Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, of Ghaddafi, of anti-Western, anti-Israel forces around the world, Durban II was a massive defeat. It was a massive defeat for all of them.”
Outside the main meeting, the nongovernmental groups that fomented the worst of the anti-Semitism at Durban were absent from Geneva, in part because UN Watch and its allies, according to Neuer, arranged to deny them hotels, meeting facilities and funding.
“So the haters of Israel remarked that walking around Geneva that week was like walking around ‘Israel-occupied territory,’ ” he said. “That’s how they felt.” http://www.jewishindependent.ca/archives/Nov09/archives09Nov20-02.html

This raises the question: Are the United Nation and the Swiss Government aware of this infringement on freedom of assembly and freedom of speech? Are they complicit in this infamy?

We would like to have answers from the UN and the Swiss Government.

The Zionist lobbies shed crocodile tears about freedom of speech whenever they are exposed to the Palestinian truth and facts, especially on Canadian universities. However, at the same time, they try to silence every criticism of Israel and label it as “anti-Semitism” to the point of getting some opportunist Canadian MP’s to try and criminalize criticism of Israel. See: http://www.cpcca.ca/home.htm

It is ironic that the same issue of the so-called “Jewish Independent”, in its editorial “Judaism does equal Israel”, tries to cover up what the Zionist lobby does stand for i.e. silencing any legitimate criticism of Israel. The editorial pontificates as part of its attack on the upcoming lecture of Jewish theologian Prof. Marc Ellis: “We must start ‘taking it to the streets,’ so to speak – not to prevent someone else’s free speech (sic!), but to exercise our own.”

What hypocrites!!!

Hanna Kawas
Chairperson, Canada Palestine Association