We Lost Rezeq Faraj; A Palestinian Pillar

Rezek at one of the Canadian Arab Federation conventions

‏‏Rezek Faraj at one of the Canadian Arab Federation conventions.

Dear Friends:

With great sadness and a huge sense of loss, we heard about the passing of Rezeq Faraj http://www.geocities.com/rezeq_f/ on Oct. 24, 2009 from cancer. Rezeq was a founder of Quebec-Palestine Association, an ex-president of the Canadian Arab Federation and the co founder of Palestinian and Jewish Unity in Montreal.

Rezeq was a great Palestinian who carried the pain of his people on his shoulders all his life, even on his death bed. We visited him in the hospital last month and his spirit was high and the plight of the Palestinian people was all he talked about. He embodied the Palestinian hopes, aspirations, dignity and resistance.

Rezeq opposed the sellouts and treason of the Palestinian leadership, always reflecting on the the true interests of his people. He called for a democratic secular Palestine where human values would be more important than tribalism, sectarianism and self interest – see: “What has become of the  secular democratic  movement  of  the Palestinian  people  in  these  dangerous times?” by Rezeq Faraj.  Also see his interview with Voice of Palestine on July 17, 2007.

We regret that Rezeq has passed away without his humanity and birthright being recognized. He joins the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who have left us without their identity or their rights restored. Rezeq was not able to go and live in the Dehiesha refugee camp where he grew up, let alone return to the village he was ethnically cleansed from in 1948.

Rezek’s death is yet another scar on the face of humanity that still allows for settler colonialism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and war crimes to continue.

Our condolences goes to his wife Claudette, his daughters Leila, Miriam and Nadia. Our condolences also go to the Palestinian people and to humanity who lost a great pillar and advocate.

Our pledge to Rezeq is to continue the struggle until injustice is defeated in Palestine and everywhere in the world.

Hanna and Marion Kawas

A photo of Rezeq with Mahmoud Darwish at one of the Canadian Arab Federation conventions in the late 1970s.