Correspondence with CRTC, CBSC, and Global Television Regarding Jenin: Massacring the Truth

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Original letter by Hanna Kawas and the automated response from the CRTC:

Global TV ran a show called “Jenin, massacring the truth” on Aug. 11 from 10:00-11:00pm.

The show is one sided, unbalanced, unfactual, and massacres humanity and morality.

This show is total Israeli propaganda; it tries to minimize the war crimes commited by the Israeli occupation forces (Israeli Defence Forces “IDF”) againt the Palestinian civilian population, and by doing so Global became complicit in these war crimes.

This show is part of the multi-million Israeli public relations campaign that tries to cover up the daily atrocities the Israeli forces are commiting against the Palestinian people, in violation of UN resolutions, international law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention.
It ignores the actual reasons for the conflict in Palestine/Israel, which are occupation, illegal Israeli settlements, and treating the Palestinian population as subhumans.

Here are a few Facts about Jenin and what is actually taking place on the ground:

  1. The first one who called what happened in Jenin a massacre was then Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres (see the Israeli paper Haaretz:
    Also see Jerusalem Post:
  2. A day later on April 10/ 2002, the Israeli Foreign Ministry started mobilizing for a PR campaign on Jenin (see Haaretz
  3. On Aug. 8, 2004, Former deputy Mossad director, Shmuel Toledano said the IDF “has entirely lost the sacred value of military ethics following the death and destruction the IDF is spreading at checkpoints” and the IDF “is soulless and merciless” ( See Haaretz “Ex-deputy Mossad director accuses IDF of losing its morality”

Global should not be above the law because it is powerful and influential. Fabrication and twisting facts to serve pro-Israeli expansionist and aggressive designs should not be tolerated.

The least we demand from Global is to disassociate itself from such an infamy and apologize to the victims of Israeli agression and occupation.

A good start is to show what actually happened showing Mohammed El-Bakri’s documentary “Jenin achieve a very small amount of balance on this at this point in time on Global’s coverage of the Palestine/Israel conflict.

Hanna Kawas
Chairperson, Canada Palestine Association

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