Do Not Fail the Palestinian People

An appeal from the Canada Palestine Association to all members of the Arab and Moslem communities

Since we distributed our position paper on Nov. 14, 2000 to the Arab and Moslem organizations, all we have received from these groups is silence or a whole range of excuses. For example, why we should not support the NDP because they are not “ an effective voice.” Why we should give the Liberals another chance, and see how they behave after the elections. Why we should vote for individual candidates who “support our causes” even if they are members of a party that is condoning Israeli slaughter against our people. And the most precious excuse: how we should “unequivocally and vigorously reject” voting and determining the political outcome on a ”single issue”!!

It seems to us that the leadership of the Arab and Moslem communities in Canada and North America in general are not much different than the existing leadership in the Arab and Moslem World. They are both failing the Palestinian people and they are not deceiving anybody except themselves and their cronies.

This is why we are directing our call to you, the individual members. We call on you to vote with your conscience. In fact, most Canadians vote on the most important “single issue” to them, whatever that may be. We certainly know what is the most important “single issue” to the Zionist organizations. We urge you to read the attached “Position Paper: Vote for Justice, Vote for Palestine” carefully and make an informed decision. We also urge you to make a commitment to not be influenced by personal or material gains. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are scarifying with the ultimate, their lives and the lives of their loved ones so as to achieve freedom.

In the last week, many analysts in the media are recognizing the possibility of a minority government. If this does happen and the NDP forms a coalition government with the Liberals, then we have achieved our immediate objective. It is defeatist to argue that because we are not well financed and well organized, we should skip election after election without having any impact on the political process.

On Oct. 20, 2000, the Vancouver Zionist paper, the “Jewish Western Bulletin” wrote in its editorial: “ Moreover, if there is ever a genuine threat to Israel’s existence, the full force of Diaspora Jewry will come to its aid. The Palestinian partisans cannot even come close to making such claims.”


Hanna Kawas,
Chairperson, Canada Palestine Association