Don’t force us to call for a boycott of Greek products‏

The following letter was sent to the Greek Ambassador to Canada.

The following letter was sent to the Greek Ambassador to Canada:

July 1, 2011

Greek Ambassador to Canada
Your Excellency:

It seems that the Greek Government has succumbed to Israeli pressure and blackmail to stop the Freedom Flotilla from leaving Greece. By doing so, the Greek government has proven that it is prone to Israeli, US and European pressures and does not care for principles, the rule of international humanitarian law nor for the longstanding friendship between the Palestinian and Arab peoples and the Greek people. With this move, the Greek government is implicating itself and its country in Israeli war crimes and Apartheid. We call on the Greek government to immediately lift the ban on the FREEDOM Flotilla and allow it to sail to Gaza and to stop doing the dirty work for the Israeli government.

We will call for a Boycott of Greek Products if you do not immediately reverse your hostile action towards the international human rights activists. We hate to resort to such actions because we know the Greek people are not behind your government’s move, but you leave all of us who believe in peace with justice with no other choice.

Hanna Kawas
Chairperson, Canada Palestine Association
Co-host, Voice of Palestine