Correspondence with CRTC, CBSC, and Global Television Regarding Jenin: Massacring the Truth

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Original letter by Hanna Kawas and the automated response from the CRTC:

Global TV ran a show called “Jenin, massacring the truth” on Aug. 11 from 10:00-11:00pm.

The show is one sided, unbalanced, unfactual, and massacres humanity and morality.

This show is total Israeli propaganda; it tries to minimize the war crimes commited by the Israeli occupation forces (Israeli Defence Forces “IDF”) againt the Palestinian civilian population, and by doing so Global became complicit in these war crimes.… Read more

Open Letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin (2)

Silence On Israeli Terrorism Is Complicity

By Hanna Kawas

The Right Honourable Paul Martin
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister:

Over the past ten days, 112 Palestinians were killed, including five just today. So far we did not hear any condemnation from Canada, as a party to the Fourth Geneva Convention, regarding this Israeli terorrism directed against the civilian population of the Palestinian territories.… Read more

Message to the American Public During the 2004 Elections

By Hanna Kawas, Chairperson of the Canada Palestine Association, who was born in Bethlehem in 1948,
the year of the Palestinian Nakba. The following message was sent to the American people.

Open Message from a Bethlehemite Palestinian to the American people
including our Arab American community members

You are in the midst of a massive brain-washing campaign conducted by the institutions of the US government, the mainstream media and the multinational corporations.… Read more

Letter to the Editor, The Globe and Mail

By Gary Keenan

Dear editor:

Barbara Hodgson’s excellent letter (More than a Memory, Oct. 8) regarding renowned British Arabist Gertrude Bell brings to mind the fact that the Middle East may well have been spared several decades of violence, death, and destruction if British Prime Minister Lloyd George had heeded her wise words regarding the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

While serving with British intelligence in Cairo, Ms.… Read more

Open Letter to Sarah Efron Regarding the “Peace It Together” Camp

The following letter was sent to Sarah Efron, a freelance journalist, regarding reporting about the “Peace It Together” camp held this summer in Vancouver. The camp brought Israeli and Palestinian teenagers to Vancouver from the Middle East and received alot of attention in the local media as a step towards reconciliation in the region. It was also well received by local Zionists.Read more

Letter to the Editor, The Vancouver Sun

By Gary Keenan

Letters editor, The Vancouver Sun
Dear editor:

Re: Guest Editorial, “In the global war, Islam isn’t the enemy; Islamism is,” Sept. 3.

The Ottawa Citizen guest editorial’s contention that al-Qaida hates the U.S. “because of what it is – namely, a capitalist democracy that embraces religious freedom, women’s rights and MTV” rather than “because of its foreign policy” was rejected by the U.S.… Read more

Position Paper on Canadian Elections 2004

Since the 2000 federal elections, many negative developments took place regarding official Canadian policy towards the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, the situation in the Middle East, and the systematic racism against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in Canada. The responsibility for these policies falls squarely on the shoulders of the ruling Liberal Party (see appendix 1).

At the level of the New Democratic Party (NDP), first there were positive developments during the leadership race and then negative developments the closer we came to the elections.… Read more

Open letter to Mr. Andrew Holota, Editor of the Leader (Surrey/N.Delta)

By Hanna Kawas

Dear Mr. Holota:

In an editorial on April 23, 2003 in the Surrey/North Delta Leader, under the title ‘What didn’t happen’, you wrote: “Well, there it is then. Nothing left to do in Iraq but rebuild the country, unify diametrically opposed sects of Muslims, create a democracy instead of a fundamentalist theocracy, convince the Kurds they don’t want their own country, convince Syria to show Hezbollah the door, and make peace between Israel and Palestine.” … “If one still believes the anti-American peaceniks and bad-news-is-best television pundits, it’ll never happen.”

When I originally read your article, I could not believe how many distortions, fabrications and false statements could be included in one short editorial.… Read more

Open Letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin (1)

By Hanna Kawas

Prime Minister of Canada
Rt. Honourable Paul Martin

Dear Prime Minister:

On January 9, 2004, the Jewish Western Bulletin carried a disturbing article under the title “Israel supporters in cabinet” ( ) One member of “Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel”, Stephen Owen, the new Canadian minister of public works and government services, brags (even gloats) about the influence their group has in the new Cabinet.… Read more

The Corries at International Day of Solidarity, 2003

International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People, 29 November 2003, Vancouver
Webcast from November 29, 2003 International Day of Solidarity With Palestine event in Vancouver, with parents of Rachel CorrieRead more

International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People, 29 November 2003, Vancouver
Webcast from November 29, 2003 International Day of Solidarity With Palestine event in Vancouver, with parents of Rachel CorrieRead more