A Call to Divest from MEC

Dear friends:

Following our recent call to boycott Mountain Equipment Coop MEC, a MEC member who supported the campaign and had been a member since the 1980’s informed us that when he cancelled his membership as a form of protest he got $200 back on his original $5.00 share. Apparently, the refunded share value is calculated based on the length of membership.… Read more

Boycott MEC: Final Statement and Endorsers

On May 24, 2010, we in the Canada Palestine Association (CPA) issued our call for a total boycott of Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), and since then, supporters have written MEC informing them of their decision to no longer shop there. In response MEC management not only defended their support for Israeli Apartheid, they also defended Israel and its institutions. Here is a quote from a representative from the MEC Service Centre in reply to one such letter: “Israel has a vibrant and functioning democracy, which has put in place independent judicial systems, free press and organized labour initiatives.” And David Labistour, the CEO of MEC, answered other emails by sending a link to a Histadrut Press Release on the Flotilla Attack, which justified Israel’s murderous action against the peace activists taking aid to Gaza (see: http://www.histadrut.org.il/index.php?page_id=1801).… Read more